Denham Foreshore Playground

Knight Terrace, Denham

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We can see why the Denham Foreshore Playground has  been crowned as "Highly Recommended" in the National Public Play Spaces (Category B). 

Not only is the playground itself pretty amazing but it’s location is ideal - right by the calm, crystal clear waters of Shark Bay.  

The playground features lots of ropes and a rock climbing wall for avid climbers.

It also boasts a great lookout and an impressive tunnel slide!

There is a nest swing and plenty of little hideaways and balancing logs.

As well as musical elements and sand galore for digging and creating.

Toilets, BBQ’s and picnic shelters are located nearby, as well as grassed areas for running about or having a picnic.

Consider bringing a scooter/skateboard/bike as there is a great path you can follow along the coast. You can also bring your dog!

The playground is located right by the beach, where  you can swim in the calm protected waters, boat and/or fish (there are two jetty's in the vicinity that are perfect for this). 

Stronger swimmers can make their way out to the pontoon and have some fun jumping or diving off.


The playground is fully accessible from footpaths on both sides of the playground.

The Low Down


✓Nature & conventional playground
✓Walk/cycle/scooter paths
✓Grassed area

Suitable for

✓ Suitable for all abilities 
✓ Suitable for all ages


✓Bike/pram paths 
✓Car parking 
✓Coffee shop nearby
✓Open space for ball games 
✓Sun shade 
✓Water fountains