Osprey Waters Foreshore Playground

Corner Bridgewater Boulevard and Egret Point, Erskine

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A very well designed Nature playground that offers water-play and plenty of possibility for adventure! 

This public open space is in a stunning location on the Mandurah foreshore overlooking the estuary, just 4kms from the city centre. 

Outstanding features of this playground include:

  • the rope and wood maze,
  • the "Osprey Nest" cubby house,
  • a climbing wall, plenty of balance logs,
  • stepping blocks,
  • and many expansive areas with exploration opportunities.

There are lovely wide pathways that are good for a walk, ride or scoot.


Some wheelchair friendly pathways and disabled toilets are available.

The Low Down


✓Nature playground 
✓Walking Trail Path/s

Suitable for

✓ Suitable for all abilities 
✓ Suitable for all ages


✓Bike/pram paths 
✓Water fountains