Woodbridge Riverside Park

First Ave, Woodbridge

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This is a great playground, in a prime location by the river for fishing, swimming, kayaking and boating. 

A must-see adventure playground if you’re visiting the Swan Valley! There are cycle paths in and around the playground at Woodbridge Riverside Park, and wildlife in the area is abundant. 

There are winding footpaths, perfect for pushing a pram or riding small bikes and scooters, a mix of white and red sand to play with and soft fall with lots of different play features including rocks, stepping logs and tunnels.

This rope and wood structure is perfect for building balancing skills. 

There is great sand play equipment, with this pulley system to get the production line moving!

And a little boat to sit in that rocks back and forth with body movement. 

Check out the water play feature with a pump that flows water into the little creek below.

There is also a flying fox that has two cables, one with a harnessed seat.


Very good disability access with a couple of play features designed especially for wheelchairs including the liberty swing and a spinning table. The harnessed flying fox is also good fun! 

There are also signs around the park that teach sign language. 

The Low Down


✓Conventional playground 
✓Cycling/scooter trail 
✓Nature playground 
✓Walking Trail Path/s

Suitable for

✓ Suitable for all abilities 
✓ Suitable for all ages


✓BBQs (Please note: BYO wood only in the fire season!)
✓Car parking 
✓Coffee shop nearby
✓Disability access/facilities 
✓Open space for ball games 
✓Sun shade 
✓Water fountains