Dianella Regional Playground

Light Street, Dianella

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This playground offers a range of play environments and experiences, including a conventional play space, a multi-goal area and a great nature play zone. 

The nature play space has plank boardwalks and rope climbs alongside a limestone block climbing ridge. 

Picnic spots and shaded areas are connected by paths.

Special features include: a bird's nest swing, a climbing wall, a cave, balancing and swinging play equipment. 

Kids love exploring the water play feature, which has a manual pump for splashing and making mud!

Make sure you bring a ball along for the multi sports court.

There is lots of green open space surrounding the park - great for a game of 'chasey'.

There is also a conventional toddler playground, with shade-cloth.

The Low Down


✓Conventional playground 
✓Cycling/scooter trail 
✓Nature playground 
✓Walking Trail Path/s

Suitable for

✓ Suitable for all abilities 
✓ Suitable for all ages


✓Bike/pram paths 
✓Car parking 
✓Open space for ball games 
✓Sun shade (minimal)
✓Water fountains